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Dear visitor,

On the next pages I want to present the various techniques of those series I created during the past years.
The city asa habitat shaped by humans is the centre of my work, its outer appearance and its architecture being of the most importance to me. The presence of humans is the basis of each city, yet they do not appear in any of my work. Movement, mood and liveliness are only established by means of composition and colour.

One of the many techniques I use is linocut – especially the lost cut. I then paint with oil on cardboard or grey cotton cloth. All these images exist in an edition of up to six pieces, or are unique.

There are two groups of my work. In one, there are the “portraits” of buildings and places, which present known and unknown aspects.

Lübecker Bilderbogen, Linolschnitt, Öl auf Karton
Stadtspaziergang Bad Salzuffeln, Linolschnitt, Öl auf Karton

Aus der Serie: 'Jazz oder Nie', Linolschnitt, Ölfarben über Lithographie

The second group comprises complex images, where recognition of certain places and buildings is of no importance. Here free composition is of utmost importance, where the painterly movement is inherent in the printing process. Choice of colour, composition and rhythm of structure in correspondence to its meaning were the challenges during the working process.

This way, pictures emerge which invite one to look closer at them, and in which the spectator can “wander around”.

Besides these city (land)scapes, there are other motifes of great interest to me. One series dwells on the visualisation of music and is called “Jazz oder Nie” (Jazz or Never). I created these images in relation to specific titles of various bands. The multicoloured linocuts, printed with oil on paper or canvas, were used in part by the Bremer label “Laika Recors” for their CD-covers.

The various works were printed on several plates, either in small editions or as unique works. At the same time I used the technique of the lost cut. Some works were printed as lithographs. Here, too, I make reference to the cross-over character of some of the titles.

Besides graphic printing, painting has always played an important part in my work. Mostly I have done small paintings on canvas. And again, architecture played an important part.

From time to time I also work in the abstract style, and I have created a number of images under the title, “Associative Dynamic Composition”.

The images here obviously can show only a small portion of my work. If you want to see more or know more, please contact me.
Aus der Serie: 'Irgendwoanders, Cafe in Oia', Ölfarbenmalerei auf Leinwand
Arthur P. Zapf
Meyerstraße 45/47
28201 Bremen

Fon 49 421 / 794 85 71
Mobilfon 0174 / 454 70 19

E-Mail: info@arttours-bremen.de
Web: www.arttours-bremen.de

Aus der Serie Assoziativ Dynamische Komposition, Malerei auf Karton 70 x 50, 1989 Aus der Serie Assoziativ Dynamische Komposition, Malerei auf Karton 70 x 50, 1989

Aus der Serie: 'Rhytmische Gliederung', Linolschnitt, Öl auf Karton, 2004

Aus der Serie: 'Griechische Erinnerung', Linolschnitt - Öl auf Nessel 120x230, Unikat 2000

Aus der Serie: 'Brückenschläge', Liniolschnitt, Öl 70 x 50 Aus der Serie: 'Konstruktionen', Linolschnitt,  Druckfarbe auf Karton, 70 x 50 cm, 2000

Aus der Serie: 'Griechische Erinnerung', Linolschnitt - öl auf Karton, 100x70, Unikat

© Arthur P. Zapf, Bremen