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Born in Groningen, Netherlands, in 1963 he ran away from school, went to sea, was a cab driver, mailman, banana picker at Costa Rica and dish washer in New York. Before cruising the world for 15 years, he finished evening school at Utrecht, Netherlands, in 1985. He spent four years in Italy, where he taught languages at the university of Florence. Then he came to Bremen, Germany where he worked as a gardener at a cemetery. Today he lives in Willemstad on Curacao together with his seven cats.

- "Natuurlijk: Gedichten", Netherlandic Press 2003
- "Poems in Dutch", Netherlandic Press 2005

"... an extraordinary young Dutch poet with great sensitivity.." Times Literary Supplement

Grandparents of Hendrik van de Slootsbo,
Pieter van Varenberg and his wife Maria, 1897