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Toby Martins - Biography

Born in Capetown, South Africa in 1953, he studied law, psychology and history at the universities of Tuebingen, Goettingen, Freiburg and Austin, Texas.

Since 1983, he has worked as a freelance author and has become known for several publications on comics, movies and manned spaceflight. He has not only written screenplays but also directed a few short movies (like “The Priest”, 1987) which attracted wide attention at various film festivals.

In the beginning of the nineties the Neuer Malik Verlag at Kiel, Germany, published his espionage trilogy under the pen-name Brian Abercrombie which received enthusiastic reviews. The first volume of this trilogy, “Hoffmann”, was also translated into Russian and published in 1991 by the Quardat publishing house at Moscow. It was such a huge success that the Dom Literatorow invited him to read from his book.

At the end of the nineties, Martins moved to Bremen and began a series of crime novels. The main character of these thrillers is Amos Dystwater, professor of psychology and amateur detective. Toby Martins now lives on Tenerife with his wife. At the moment he is writing a Fanatsy trilogy about a boy named Ezra. Toby Martins is a member of the crime-author’s society DAS SYNDIKAT.

The spy trilogy:

- "Hoffmann", Neuer Malik Verlag, 1990 (as Brian Abercrombie)
- "Barthelos", Neuer Malik Verlag, 1992 (as Brian Abercrombie)
- "Brown", Neuer Malik Verlag, 1994 (as Brian Abercrombie)

Amos Dystwater crime novels:

- "Die Trachtenpuppe" (The Masked Puppet), Buchfink Verlag 2000
- "Tod einer Wahrsagerin" (Death of a Witch), Buchfink Verlag 2001
- "Täuschungen und Getäuschte", in: "Etwas Besseres als den Tod…",
   Christiane Franke & Jürgen Alberts (Hg.), KBV-Verlag, Hillesheim, 2013